Name: Julia McClellan
Focus: General Operations and Race Coordination
Class: Senior
Concentration: Computer Science
Hometown: Carlisle, Massachusetts

Julia, who has been in the club for four years and a leader for three, is in charge of organizing race logistics and generally keeping the club running. When she’s not high on LSD (long steady distance), Julia enjoys reading, knitting, and aquajogging. She is good at showing up too early to things, so you can usually find her at the bear statue long before practice starts.

Name: Trevor Houchens
Focus: Training
Class: Senior
Concentration: Computer Science
Hometown: South Burlington, VT

In his third year on the leadership team, Trevor is in charge of planning weekly workouts. Trevor enjoys photography, and often takes pictures at races. When he’s not running, biking, coding, or chugging maple syrup straight from the bottle, he can often be seen wandering campus, lost and late to his next obligation. If you see him, feel free to help out by giving directions, but be warned: he startles easily.

Name: Max Heller
Focus: Meet Directing
Class: Junior
Concentration: Computer Science
Hometown: Albany, NY

Max, a returning leader, is responsible for planning and directing our home meets. Max has been an advocate for cross training since his first semester and according to his custom belt is the men’s NCAA aquajogging champion. One of his passions in life is nut butters, of which his favorite is cashew. A believer in the importance of hydration, Max takes great pride in his large water bottle, which he is rarely seen without.

Name: Eliot Laidlaw
Focus: Finance
Class: Junior
Concentration: Computer Science
Hometown: Barrington, RI

In his second year on the leadership team, Eliot is shifting from social chair to managing our finances. A saxophone player and jazz enthusiast, Eliot is a member of the popular campus band Orange Guava Passion (OGP). Seemingly impervious to the cold, he can be found running in the middle of winter in his brightly colored short-shorts.

Name: Maura Driscoll
Focus: Social and Recruiting
Class: Junior
Concentration: Computer Science
Hometown: Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Maura is in charge of planning social events and recruiting new runners to the club. While this is her first year on leadership, she has been an active member of the club competitively and socially since her freshmen year. Maura loves dancing, especially if Ke$ha is playing. In a controversial view, she believes that oats are the most versatile food.

Name: Grace Dorantes
Focus: Communications
Class: Sophomore
Concentration: Economics
Hometown: Claremont, California

A newcomer to the leadership team this year, Grace is responsible for our club communications, including our weekly emails, Instagram, and newsletter. Grace likes Maroon 5, watermelon, almond hershey’s kisses, and chewing gum. In her first attempt, Grace became our women’s record holder in the semiannual Hard To Chug Beverage Mile (HTCB).