Name: Adam Janik
Position: Captain
Class: Senior
Concentration: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Hampton Falls, NH
As the top returning runner from the men’s squad that made it all the way to Nationals last year, Adam is looking forward to leading the team back to the promised land of Lexington, Kentucky. He is also interested in establishing a team-wide 9pm curfew, trying to forget the time when Providence-resident, Olympian, and American record-holder Molly Huddle called him “janky,” and harassing anyone who hasn’t given him kudos on Strava yet.
Fun fact: Adam once got hit by a train while running a marathon. Ask him about it, it's a long story.
Contact: adam_janik@brown.edu
Leadership focus: diversity/inclusivity, workouts/training, anything else not listed

Name: Joy Jiang
Position: Captain
Class: Senior
Concentration: Biochemistry; Molecular Biology
Hometown: Acton, MA
Joy will be serving as a captain this fall for the third consecutive year, bringing invaluable experience to the club. Outside of running, Joy spends her time wrangling the rowdy late night denizens of campus as part of Brown EMS, mentioning the fact she’s pre-med, and being an unofficial ‘team mom’.
Nickname: “Ambulance girl”
Contact: joy_jiang@brown.edu
Leadership focus: fundraising, uniforms



Name: Isaac Oda-Bayliss
Position: Captain
Class: Senior
Concentration: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: West Hartford, CT
Isaac returns to us after 6 months on the other side of the world to help lead running club this year. Although he’s been heavily involved with running club since his first year, he somehow manages to balance jazz drumming, tutoring misguided engineers, and tripping over his own feet in his spare time.
Nickname: “The Big Fuji”
Contact: isaac_oda-bayliss@brown.edu
Leadership focus: finances, dues

Name: Trevor Houchens
Position: Vice-Captain
Class: Sophomore
Concentration: Computer Science
Hometown: South Burlington, VT
Trevor, a born and raised Vermonter, is excited to contribute to the club in his first year in a leadership role. When he’s not running, biking, coding, or chugging maple syrup straight from the bottle, he can often be seen wandering campus, lost and late to his next obligation. If you see him, feel free to help out by giving directions, but be warned: he startles easily.
Nickname: “Trev”
Contact: trevor_houchens@brown.edu
Leadership focus: workouts/training



Name: Julia McClellan
Position: Vice-Captain
Class: Sophomore
Concentration: Computer Science
Hometown: Concord, MA
Coming back from an active year of running as freshman, Julia is in her first leadership role with the club. Julia coordinates the club’s race schedule, so contact her for inquiries about signing up for races. When she isn’t high on LSD, Julia enjoys reading, knitting, and being the slowest member of the competitive team.
In her own words: “With the opposite of Trevor's problem, I am so frequently unreasonably early to things that I'm actually proud of myself when I get somewhere a couple minutes late.”
Contact: julia_mcclellan@brown.edu
Leadership focus: race coordinating

Name: Violet Sackett
Position: Vice-Captain
Class: Junior
Concentration: Biology
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Although she’s been running with the club since her freshman year, Violet is new to the leadership team this season. Violet is responsible for outreach, fundraising, and event planning for the club. Outside of running, Violet enjoys hiking, sewing, concert-going, and not making decisions.
Fun Fact: Violet can put her leg behind her head.
Contact: violet_sackett@brown.edu
Leadership focus: fundraising, recruitment, gear


Name: Caroline Ribet
Position: Social Chair
Class: Senior
Concentration: History
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Albeit an avid runner throughout her college career, this is Caroline’s first year as a club leader. Caroline is responsible for organizing recreational and social events for the running club. For unbeknownst reasons, Caroline also enjoys other forms of exercise such as swimming, biking, and climbing. If you have questions or ideas for upcoming social events, feel free to contact Caroline! We promise she is fun and approachable(?). Follow her on Strava! She will repay you a thousandfold with kudos.
In her own words: “Caroline is slow and bad at running”
Contact: caroline_ribet@brown.edu
Leadership focus: social events, the fun things