Brown Running Club Spring Newsletter

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Track Recap
This winter and spring, Brown Running Club competed in more track meets than ever before. Indoors and outdoors, in Providence, Boston, and New York, against other club teams, varsity athletes, and masters runners, our team had two incredible seasons of racing. A grand total of 34 of our indoor and outdoor track records were set this year! The Billy Brockmueller Invitational, our home indoor meet, was a big success. There were over 350 athletes entered and we were able to raise money for Simba Ministries in honor of the meet’s namesake, our late teammate Billy Brockmueller. See our records page for our top performances this year!

Providence Rhode Races
Our team had an amazing day of racing at the Providence Rhode Races a few weeks ago!

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Appreciating Our Seniors
At our end-of-semester formal, we had a chance to honor our seniors.

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Running Club or Eating Club?
This March 14th, 11 runners competed to see who could run π miles fastest while eating π slices of pie. The rules: eat a slice of pie, run π/2 (1.57) miles, eat another slice of pie, run another π/2 miles, and eat a final 1.14 slices of pie. The prize: eternal glory and probably an upset stomach.

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We work hard to provide great training and racing opportunities for everyone, and we also want the club to be as accessible as possible to runners from all sorts of financial situations, so we try as hard as we can to keep costs and dues low for members. A significant portion of our funding comes through fundraising and membership dues, but this is generally not enough to cover our annual expenses. This is why we kindly ask for donations from friends and family of the Brown Running Club. These donations are always greatly appreciated, and you can be assured that all of the funds are directly supporting your athlete and their teammates.

Happy Running!
Brown Running Club
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