Summer Training

A Note about Summer Training

The training plan linked above includes 15 weeks worth of runs, workouts, and core routines designed to help you build a solid base for fall cross country. There are four different plans (A,B,C,D) which have varying weekly mileage. The A plan tops out at 75 miles per week while the D plan tops out at 30. The plans are designed so that you can switch between them if you’re getting into better shape or if you feel like you need to back off of the mileage a bit. Regardless of when you start training, you should begin with Week 1 of the training plan. The first two weeks are pretty low mileage which will either give you an important recovery period from your last season, or a slow build up into bigger mileage. If you plan on running big miles this summer, don’t forget to stay on top of your core and stretching! This is a great way to prevent injury, and core and stretching routines are included in the training sheet. Stretching and core guides can be found below.

full warmup

A1 Core

A2 Core

B1 Core

C1 Core