Popular Runs

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O&B = out and back

IPP = India Point Park

Distance Route Description
3.1 mi India Point Park Loop Take Hope St to the end, cross the bridge into the park. 1 lap around the park = 1 mile
4.0 mi Blackstone Park Loop Take Angell St all the way down to River Rd and run the trails in Blackstone Park. Stop to pet the cute dogs
4.2 mi New Bike Path Loop Loop around IPP and up Gano St. Take bike path on right after passing off-ramp
4.5 mi Blackstone/Hope Loop Follows Blackstone Blvd all the way, turn left onto Hope St sidewalk back to campus
5.0 mi Blackstone O&B Take Blackstone to the end, turn around the tree and come back the same way
5.8 mi East Prov Railroad Tracks Cross Washington Bridge into E. Prov, take right at end of bridge. Follow road to orange cement barrier and hop on dirt path
8.0 mi IPP/Blackstone Park Loop A mix of all of our favorite routes in one run
9.2 mi Turner Reservoir Loop An East Prov expedition to dirt trails around a small reservoir. Enters Massachusetts!
5.0 – 8.0 mi Swan Point Cemetery Take Blackstone Blvd for one mile, enter on right side at gate. If locked,
hop the stone wall
6.0 – 20.0 mi East Bay Bike Path O&B Follow IPP directions above, turn at bike path sign, take Bridge to East Providence. Go straight after bridge, turn right onto bike path and continue for as long as desired

Local Tracks

Name Distance Description
OMAC (Indoor) 0.1 mi Brown’s indoor track. 200m with 6 lanes. Check the calendar for availability
Brown Stadium 1.0 mi Brown’s varsity football stadium and track. Well kept, but most likely locked unless we have official practice there. Fence is easy to hop
Hope High School 0.4 mi Poorly kept and usually windy, but closest to campus and most likely to be open
Moses Brown School 0.6 mi Private and well kept. Only open before and after school hours when teams aren’t practicing