End of Summer Announcements

We hope you’ve all been having a great summer and are excited for Running Club to start again! We have a couple of announcements before the semester begins.

Kickoff Run
Save the date for the most important part of the first week of school! Our fall kickoff run will be on Sunday, September 8th at noon. We’ll have a variety of pace groups and a frozen dessert afterwards!

Gear Order
Just a reminder that the order form for Running Club hoodies and windbreakers closes this Friday, August 23rd at 11:59 PM.

Uniform Update
If you ordered your own BRC uniform, we have some slightly sad news. They’re still coming, but not until October. We’ll be racing in our old uniforms until then. And speaking of racing…

Fall Racing
Our race schedule for this semester is now up on our website. If you plan on racing, there are a few things to do which you can get a head start on now. All of these need to be done regardless of whether you’ve raced with us in previous years.

  • Competitive team interest form: To let us know you’re interested, fill out this form. We’ll send out workout plans each week to everyone who does, so even if you aren’t sure you want to race, you should fill it out!
  • Club sports waiver: In order to race with us, you’ll need to be on our roster with the club sports department. Follow this link, find Running, click Registration, and follow the instructions.
  • Dues: Dues go toward the costs of race registration and transportation, and have been described by multiple club members as the best $50 they’ve ever spent.
    • Dues for the year are $50 if paid before September 20th at 11:59 PM, $60 afterwards, or $30 for just the fall semester.
    • Dues can be paid with Venmo to @brownrunningclub, or in cash to a club leader.
    • We offer financial aid to anyone for whom dues would pose a financial hardship. When you fill out the competitive team interest form simply check “I wish to receive financial aid” and the fee will be waived with no questions asked.
    • You have to pay dues to compete at our races, but this year we’re offering one free race before requiring dues. If you know you want to race more than once, you can pay now so you don’t have to worry about it later.

Email us at run@brown.edu if you have questions about any of these steps.

Happy running!

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