Week of 3/3 in Running Club

Practice Schedule

Mon 3/4-3/7: Regular club run at 4:15 pm
Fri 3/8: Fun Sock Friday at 4:15 pm
Sat 3/9: Regular club run at 10 am
Sun 3/10: Destination fun run to Borealis coffee at 10 am

Host for ADOCH and Win a Prize!

ADOCH is coming up next month on the weekends of April 7-8 and April 14-15. The ADOCH coordinators are having a competition for club sports teams, and if we get more hosts than any of the other teams, everyone who signed up from our team will get a free water bottle that says Brown Running Club on it! Sign up here and be sure to choose Running Club for the last question!

Destination Fun Run on Sunday to Borealis

In need of coffee after Gala? Join us on a recreational run to Borealis Coffee on the Bike Path! Meet at the bear statue at 10am. Bring your ID and money for yum yum snacks and caffeine!

Competitive Team

If you are interested in racing with us (including road races!) or want to receive our training plans and workout ideas, make sure to sign up for the competitive team here! People who have signed up for the competitive team will receive a weekly email about training and racing, so if you think you might be interested, it’s a good idea to sign up.

Providence Rhode Races

The Providence Rhode Races are on May 5th this year. There’s a 5k, half marathon, or full marathon option. You can register here using code 2019BrownRC for a discount. Make sure to join the Brown Running Club team!

Happy running!

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