Cross Country Recap

The team in Lexington, Kentucky for NIRCA Nationals

After a strong start, Brown Running Club had a great end of the cross country season this fall.

The last non-championship meet of the season was at Princeton, where the team got to compete against many teams from outside of the Northeast region. Conditions were perfect, and nearly every member of the team set a new personal record. Particularly impressive performances came from Adam Janik and Katie Chu, who set new club records in the 8k and 6k, coming in 9th and 12th place, respectively.

After a great race at Princeton, the team looked forward to NIRCA Northeast Regionals, but as the race approached, the weather forecast got worse and worse. Though it was raining, below freezing, and windy, deep mud puddles couldn’t stop the team. Despite the terrible conditions, the men’s team finished in second place and the women’s team in fourth, earning each a spot at the NIRCA National Championship meet. The mud precluded any impressive times, but Adam Janik and Katie Chu earned medals for their fourth and seventh place finishes.

The team celebrates after Regionals

Two weeks later, fourteen members of the team traveled to “the promised land” of Lexington, Kentucky for NIRCA Nationals. After the conditions at Regionals, the team was ready for anything. Luckily, the weather was far better, and the team raced well. In competitive fields, the women’s team finished 22nd and the men’s team 29th.

The weather was better, but Nationals were still cold!

After first-year Maura Driscoll’s first ever 6k at Regionals, she was able to PR by nearly 5 minutes at Nationals. Joy Jiang and Julia McClellan also had impressive PRs of over a minute each. In the 8k, Cameron Wenzel and Zach Harris each PRed as well.

The team had a great time on the trip to Kentucky, and is already looking forward to next year’s cross country season!

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