Remembering Billy

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of former Brown Running Club athlete, Billy Brockmueller ’18.

Billy played a special role on the team during his two years as a graduate student at Brown University. He was a gifted runner; he set club records in every event that he competed in, he won many races, and he ran with such bliss that onlookers were left to conclude that his ability was a true gift from God. Billy used this gift to bring joy to the lives of everyone around him. His personal motivation to succeed in aggregate with sage advice on training and racing helped to improve the abilities and attitudes of his teammates.

Beyond his incredible running ability, Billy possessed characteristics that we strive to attain for ourselves. Everyone who met Billy became instantly inspired to walk in his ways. One of Billy’s most notable traits was a team-first mentality. If a friend asked how his race went, for example, he would respond with an in-depth analysis of the team’s performance before mentioning his own, even as he often having enjoyed a first place finish. Despite physical exhaustion from his own race, Billy was always the first runner to back-track the course to cheer on his teammates down the homestretch. The quality of sportsmanship that Billy exhibited cannot be learned; it is a characteristic that stems directly from the heart and was reinforced by the love and support that he provided to his teammates.

When you saw Billy, you couldn’t help but smile; his presence simply brought joy to his friends. With his contagious smile and laughter, he spread positivity continually, brightening the day of every person he encountered. He made an effort to be a friend to everyone that he met. Billy was also remarkably supportive, and despite his busy schedule as a graduate student, he took the time to get to know all of his teammates. He was attentive to everyone’s needs, and always turned up to help when something was wrong. Billy was the kind of friend that would drop everything to support those in need.

Billy possessed an endless list of admirable traits. Those of us who were lucky enough to have met him have been impacted by his warm spirit, extraordinary kindness, and boundless positivity that radiated from his caring heart. The way we that carry out our lives are forever changed because Billy taught us how to guide our feet on a path of love and peace. The Brown Running Club is able to commit to a supportive, loving, and wholesome culture thanks to Billy’s presence. Though we will always feel the loss of Billy, we will keep him alive with endless memories and stories. We hope that the pictures shared in this album will help to commemorate the short but wonderful life that Billy lived, and to celebrate the deep impact he had on those around him. We will think of him every day. May he rest in peace.