Week of 3/11 in Running Club

Week Ahead in Running Club

Mon 3/12: Regular club run at 4:15pm
Tues 3/13: Workout for all teams, meet at 8:30pm in the OMAC lobby
Wed 3/14..159265358979… Pi Day Celebration run (or regular club run) at 4:15pm
Thu 3/15 – Fri 3/16: Regular club runs at 4:15pm
Sat 3/17: Competitive team workout at 10am
Sun 3/18: Long run at Arcadia (see below) or Bear Statue at 10am

Arcadia Long Run

We’ll have a regular club run at 10am at the Bear Statue, but for those interested in getting out of town, we’ll also have a group meeting at 9:15am and heading out to Arcadia Park (25ish minutes away) to get in our long run on dirt roads/trails. Fill out this google form by the end of the day Friday if you’d like to come along so we can arrange transportation. Please fill out this form only if you’re sure that you can come.

Pi Day Run

This Wednesday is Pi Day! Join us for a run at the usual time and place for a fun, easy run to get some pie!

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